Siberian Husky Temperament

Siberian Husky, one of the most popular dog breeds in the world with its impressive eye color and noble stance, is a benign dog with a docile sub-identity behind his wild image. In some species, glass blue eyes increase the impressive air. There are also brown and plain blue eyes.

Close-up Photo of Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky can reach up to 30 pounds when it reaches adulthood. Since it is originally a dog of cold climates, its paws are developed to move comfortably on snow. The skull is long and pointed, the ears are upright. Most of the hairs on the back are black or gray, and the hairs on the abdomen and leg are white. The Siberian Wolves, with their stubborn personality and fondness, and their unique characteristics, are intelligent and playful dogs.

Siberian Husky Origin;
The Siberian Shepherd (Husky), originally of Russian origin, is a kind of dog that emerged in this region in Siberia, which is locally located in the poles of Russia. Over the years, it has been brought to Alaska State with the same climatic conditions and it has been grown here. Husky, which is used in the Chukchi region of Siberia, is used to drive the reindeer of this geography and to draw the sleds. Historically, in the 1925s, these dogs, which made an extraordinary effort against the diphtheria epidemic that seriously threatened the life of the human race, helped people by pulling the sleds in order to deliver the necessary medicines to them. This has played an important role in achieving an international reputation.

Siberian Husky Temperament & Character:

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The Siberian wolf is, in fact, a gentle and good-natured dog when its wild appearance is set aside. Living with other animals and their own species is moderate, and docile and intelligent in character. Besides being social, it can be stubborn at times and only in some cases. These dogs, who are friendly with children, tend to not implement the commands they find appropriate even if they perceive the given commands. When patience and consistent trainings have been given since childhood, responding to commands in the future will also increase as positively.

The Siberian Wolves who love the Ulum are not a barking species. If the air is not hot, the energy levels are high. However, when the air is heated, it loses these properties partially. Husky who do not like being alone should not be left alone in crowded places, as they tend to walk around in a stray manner.


Siberian wolf dogs, which seem to be impressive, character-friendly in appearance, are among the most popular races among the races that people want to take care of. Although it seems to be nourished and possessed in many middle-generation latitudes such as our country, it is the living creatures that should live in cold climates. The double-layered wool with its lower fur and soft soft top provides the Siberian wolf to withstand -50 -60 degrees. It is not actually an appropriate form of behavior to try to breed these animals in mid-range climates, to break them away from their natural environment and to present new living spaces. Even at winter temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius in our country, the Huskies will be partially comfortable and the situation will not last long. Huskies are also not suitable for apartment life. At least two Huskies should be treated together as they like to live in herds.


Siberian wolves spill twice a year. Long hairs should be brushed 1-2 times a week. In addition, these dogs, which do not need any extra attention, should be taken under the control of the veterinarian during intensive hair removal periods. Precautions should be taken against harmful interference in the ears and ear and care must be taken when cleaning. With moist towel, the surrounding area can be gently wiped. This application can also be done easily for the eyes.

Training Needs;

Dogs of the Siberian Wolves have high exercise and training requirements, but it is not appropriate to take them out on hot days. These days should be looked at in cool places. He likes to run and play when the weather is cold.

Siberian Shepherd (Husky);
Male in 53 cm. - 60 cm
Female 51 cm in height. - 56 cm
Weight in men 20 kg - 27 kg.
Weight in females 16 kg - 23 kg

Siberian Husky Temperament & Character

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